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1st-Dec-2008 06:15 pm - Where in the World?
Just wanted to say that I'm still around. =) We've just been extremely busy at the office and the holidays are even looking mighty hectic work-wise for me. I need a vacation.
28th-Aug-2008 03:35 pm - Doctor Who - Ten/Rose Video
Song: 'So Close' by Jon McLaughlin
Size/Format: 03:52, 856x480 .wmv/.avi/.mp4 file.
YouTube Link :
Download Links : wmv (35mb) | avi (25mb) | mp4 (21mb)

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31st-Jul-2008 03:15 pm - SGA LIMS Icons
[36] LIMS Challenge Icons (some are old and unposted)
Comment, Credit and NO Hot-linking
DO NOT alter icons

01 16 34

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9th-Jul-2008 07:06 pm - DW 4.13 Animated Icons
Dr. Who-10
[01-26] Animated Icons
[27-55] B&W Animated Icons (variations of 01-26)
DO NOT alter icons
Comment, Credit and NO Hot-linking

07 28 48

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5th-Jul-2008 02:28 pm - DW 4x12 & PD 1x01 Icons
[01-50] Doctor Who 4x12 - Stolen Earth
[51-00] Pushing Daisies - Pie-lette

07 33 74

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8th-May-2008 04:38 pm - FList : I need your help.
I recently got an LCD monitor and I've been trying to make icons. My problem is that I'm not sure whether the icons I'm creating are coming out okay since I haven't used an LCD monitor before.

So guys, I kinda need your help here. I have 20 icons of Pushing Daisies under the cut. Please, let me know which look like crap and which look okay so at least I have an idea which ones work. =)

Thanks guys, I would really appreciate this. =)

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26th-Feb-2008 10:56 am - Supernatural Icons
[25] 3x11 - Mystery Spot
[20] 3x10 - Dream a Little Dream of Me
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DO NOT alter icons

Teasers :
06 23 35

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18th-Feb-2008 07:12 pm - CSI:NY Icons
[55] CSI:NY 4x13 - 4x14 icons
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DO NOT alter icons

Teasers :
02 33 54

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9th-Feb-2008 11:17 am - BSG + SGA + Torchwood Icons
[35] Battlestar Galactica
[30] Stargate Atlantis - 4.13 - Quarantine
[20] Torchwood
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DO NOT alter icons

Teasers :
02 40 83

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6th-Feb-2008 01:25 pm - Where am I?
Hello and big sorry for being "missing-in-action" for a long while now. Real life has caught up now that the new year is on the go.

I've been busy with projects at work and some other stuff (mainly getting addicted to WoW). In between those though, I was able to come up with a new layout for my domain, So-Phobic. Spent some time customizing templates and a few functions to suit my needs. Over all, I'm quite happy with the results.

That said, I'm going to go back icon-making as soon as I grab some needed screencaps. =)
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